Coordination for Multisystem Youth

We recognize that it is common for youth-serving organizations to be unaware of the battery of services that each client is engaged in. This begged the question – how do agencies know how effective they are if services are being duplicated, reinforced, or covered alternatively by another agency? It made sense to us to explore common system overlaps. We found that most service providers functioned in silos and as a result, were not able to articulate how a team approach was effecting change. After intensive study of emerging best practices in case management across systems, we have come up with a strategy suite that accurately identifies needs and the efficacy of coordinated treatment.

Development and Evaluation of Caring Communities

Through our research into risk mitigation, we’ve identified that the most meaningful interventions are based on two things: the geography of the problem (upstream/prevention, midstream/in the thick of it, and downstream/suffering from exposure), and current coping strategies. Frequently, coping strategies are maladaptive and involve engagement in antisocial behavior which virtually guarantees that these young people hit two formal systems – child protective services and the juvenile court. What if we could construct coalitions of providers that are activated at appropriate levels/dosages/combinations based on risk profiles that everyone could review together? These caring communities would allow for multidisciplinary teams to tackle issues from a deliberate formation

Foster Parent Mentoring for Recruitment and Retention

Based on the national data from the federal Administration for Children and Families, about 1 in 4 foster kids will be in the system for two or more years. The average time in care is just over a year and a half. Stable placement is critical to the success of all kids, but is essential to the success of kids moving through their county’s foster system. A commitment of 18+ months can be easy to make but hard to keep, resulting in significant turnover of stable, cost-effective placements and diminished positive outcomes for youth. We can help foster networks and county agencies implement current best practices for the retention of foster families, and create meaningful models for recruiting longer-lasting homes in the future.

Family Mediation for Preventing Formal System Involvement

Though 1 in 3 kids placed outside of the home are living temporarily with other family members in kinship placement, there are many interventions to disrupt the flow of kids into state care. Over the past five years of national data, the rate of kids in care has increased by 7% (30,000+ kids). If nothing else, this helps us to understand that the underlying issues that trigger out of home placement are pervasive and must be addressed differently. Starfish Alliance is proud of its interest in diversion through mediation, case management, and monitored service linkage.

Creation of Mentoring Curricula

Starfish Alliance has an evidence-informed model for advancing developmental skills, increasing social capital, and promoting socioemotional wellness; we call it call it ROM™. Results-Oriented Mentoring (ROM™ for short) leverages culturally-informed interventions, dynamic assessment, family engagement, and an intensive mentor training platform to change lives. ROM™ drives academic growth, reduces the risk of involvement with justice systems, and empowers families by helping them develop the agency to engage help. ROM™ differentiates over a dozen factors to create a customized mentoring experience for youth and young adults between the ages of 12 and 24.

Facilitation of Workforce Engagement

Work ethic looks different than it did 10 years ago, and the top jobs today weren’t known ten years ago. Things change and the best *modalities for workforce are adaptive. iGen, Generation Y, and millennials have widely-differing concepts of the workforce. At Starfish Alliance, we center our workforce development suite with a recognition of individuality. We believe that by understanding the whole person, we can accelerate their path towards success in employment. We love the trades. We love technology. We love the Human Services. And with all of this love, we’ve cultivated a vast network of enthusiastic employers who are excited to help Starfish youth connect to the world of work, that is, after they’ve benefited from our tried-and-true preparation methods.

Workshops and Professional Development