We’ve all seen the flavor of the month case management and mentoring models come and go, but why? Often these care systems are unable to adapt to the needs of the particular person that they are meant to serve. This is why we spent time with the research to understand what works, and we are pleased to introduce Results-Oriented Mentoring™ (ROM™, for short). Unlike other care systems, ROM™ is a digital solution that has been programmed to understand the needs of each youth by thinking about holistically. It thinks about academics, social development, cultural experience, group memberships, trauma, and a host of other factors.

Based on the target areas for improvement, ROM™ determines the best course forward and creates a plan customized for each client. We are always interested in understanding how we can improve, and have learned from focus groups with our colleagues and clients that personalized, relational care is the future of Human Services. Everyone still needs data to talk numerically about the practice that’s working and the practice that can be revised. ROM™ delivers information about challenges, success, and projected outcomes after care has concluded – on the back of personalized care. Our system was designed to close gaps, assail barriers, and accelerate better lives for at-risk youth and young adults. Please send us an email if you’d like to learn more.