StarfishBRIOSO is soon to be your favorite coffee because it’s a social enterprise that gives young people work experience, and proceeds go to a great cause! Each cup helps support our fight against the barriers facing our Stars.

The STORY Project

We are partnered with the Sankofa Company to disrupt for two unique populations of young people – opportunity youth and restored youth. Many restored youth [those with either criminal or delinquent backgrounds that create huge barriers in obtaining employment] are also opportunity youth, however, the experience of confinement can severely impact social functioning. The Sankofa Company’s STORY (Substantive Training of Opportunity and Restored Youth) Project streamlines case management, social learning, developmental phases, and practical training to help both populations of young people cover the ground they’ve lost since disengagement in just a few months. After a rigorous screening process, we were delighted at our selection to be in their pilot. Keep checking back, updates coming soon!

Joining Opportunity and Business-sense (JOB) Program

Our new JOB (Joining Opportunity and Business-sense) Program teaches the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. We use our deep understanding of 21st century careers in each section of the country to launch young people into mentorships with business owners already working in the field. The JOB Program also functions as a small-business incubator and a hub for startup social enterprises.

Reengaging Unemployed Neighbors (RUN)

Two of the major barriers for our clients and their families are unemployment and underemployment, so we created RUN (Reengaging Unemployed Neighbors) as a bridge program that emphasizes soft skills, job-readiness, onsite etiquette for different industries, needs-based case management, and assistance with job placement.